Power Washing Bergen County NJ


A wealth of outdoor cleaning companies can provide services for power washing in the Bergen County NJ area, but if you are looking for superior power washing services in Bergen County, NJ, please reach out to our group, Power washing Bergen County NJ. Our team members are a dedicated group of individuals who take great pride in providing some of the most thorough Bergen County pressure washing services available. Whether you need paver cleaning, patio cleaning, power washing, or house washing services, we have the knowledge and tools to offer only the best exterior cleaning services throughout Bergen County, NJ. We are eager to please our customers, and we look forward to hearing from you any time of the year!


About Lemon Lime Clean Experts

The Power Washing Bergen County NJ is reliable. With years of industry experience, we have had the excellent opportunity to work on all types of residential and commercial properties. We are a fully licensed and insured company, and we always take great care in following safety precautions, as we thoroughly clean and maintain your outdoor surfaces.

Things we follow while Cleaning:

  • Members of the team wear masks as a precaution for our own and your lives. All of our employees and cleaners are required to wear masks when on duty.
  • Put on Gloves: For safety reasons, all staff members should put on gloves before entering your residential areas.
  • An EPA-registered disinfectant is used: During cleaning, our staff ensures that all knobs, switches, and other frequently touched items are disinfected.
  • Sanitizer is kept in cleaning buckets: We keep sanitizer in cleaning buckets at all times so that we can clean the entire house and ensure that no harmful organisms survive.
  • Daily Check: Our staff members are checked regularly for any type of sick symptoms so that they cannot go and work. We ensure the safety of our staff members as well as our clients.

How does the Power Washing Program work?

1. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning:

Power washing Bergen County NJ Team specializes in the most advanced roof cleaning services available. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy roof. Our roof cleaning specialists are extensively trained and have years of experience cleaning all types of roofing materials safely and effectively. Our soft wash roof cleaning combines powerful professional cleaners and gentle pressure to eliminate years of built-up organic material, staining, dirt, grime, and harmful pollutants and contaminants from your roof’s surface. Our cleaners are 200% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are safe for you, your loved ones, and your landscaping and are the most effective way to stop organic material growth in its tracks.

Our team of roof cleaning specialists gently rinse it all away with state-of-the-art soft wash equipment that gently cleans your roof and is safe to use around flashing and other sensitive roofing features. Our roof cleaning provides all the benefits of cleaning and sanitizing the surface of your roof without any of the risks of property damage, water damage, or damage associated with abrasive cleaners like bleach and phosphates.

2. Deck Cleaning:

Professional deck cleaning is also a vital service before restaining or resealing your deck. You want to ensure that the area is clean and sanitized and that old stains and sealants are removed professionally before resealing or retaining your patio. Our services ensure that your subsequent deck sealing or staining project will succeed and will last for years. Without the proper cleaning required, resealing and retaining your deck can trap in dirt and grime and lock in organic material that will continue to damage your neck underneath the surface.

At Power washing Bergen County NJ, we believe in doing things the right way the first time. For all of your deck cleaning and restoration needs, our service providers are the best around. Call or visit us today for a free estimate on your deck cleaning project and to learn more about the many ways that professional deck cleaning can benefit you and your family.

3. Driveways Cleaning:

Driveways take a beating from the extreme weather in New Jersey. Oil stains can seem impossible to remove, and over time, your driveway can crack, bulge, or become damaged. Replacements are expensive and can most often be avoided with a regular, professional cleaning and maintenance. Power washing Bergen County NJ uses powerful professional cleaning techniques to instantly wipe away years of built-up debris and staining, even stubborn oil stains. 

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to clean your sidewalks and patios is to protect your family and loved ones from slippery conditions and harmful organic material growth. Our New Jersey climate creates the perfect conditions for mold, mildew, algae, and moss to thrive on your sidewalks and patios. This causes staining, discoloration and can become very slippery, increasing the risk of slips and falls. These irritants are also notorious for causing health issues and agitating allergy sufferers. Over time, this build-up can lead to the breakdown of your patio and sidewalk materials.

4. Window Cleaning:

For commercial property owners, regular professional window cleaning is an easy, sure-fire way to make a lasting impression on customers, clients, and employees. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the cleanliness of your commercial building is the first impression people have of your business. Our window cleaning services are designed so that you can enjoy all the benefits of crystal clear, streak-free windows without having to give them another thought.

We offer various window cleaning services and provide window cleaning solutions to fit your unique needs and budget. Our window cleaning experts leave your windows glistening and impressively clean, allowing you to enjoy the views from your home while the light comes through. Our window cleaning services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and raise your standards for what window cleaning should look like.

When Should I Need to Get the Cleaning Service?

The professionals have specialized equipment and cleaning fluids that ensure the house is cleaned correctly from top to bottom. Everything from the inaccessible places like the kitchen exhaust pipes’ insides, the top of the almirahs, and the false ceiling to the areas that attract more grime like the ceiling fans, the spaces underneath the kitchen drawers, and bathroom cabinets, get focused treatment. Power washing Bergen County NJ ensures to provide you the best of all services.

Why Choose Lemon Lime Clean?

Power Washing Bergen County NJ – Lemon Lime Clean have been working with great feedback and reviews. All you need to do is pick up your phone and book a service appointment from your phone. We will be providing you with the most excellent services and also be giving you a free estimate.