Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ


Have you been looking into hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners for your home or office to eliminate the stains, odors, and years of dust underneath the surface of your rug or carpet?

  • What proportion does Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ cost?
  • Does one clean it within the summer or spring to avoid the smell of chemicals?
  • Are there any chemicals in carpet cleaning?

Questions like these can make anyone’s head spin. Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ, is here to provide you with the solutions to all or any rug, carpet, tile, and grout cleaning services.


About Lemon Lime Clean Experts

The Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ is your most suitable option for New Jersey. The people, dogs, the youngsters, guests; these individuals track dust back to the house. And every one that dirt finally finishes up in your carpets. As time goes by, your carpet and tile start looking wiped out or dirty. Even a reliable vacuum available only removes a tiny part of the dirt that’s really in your carpets. Left behind are the pet pollen, dust mite, and allergens that you can’t even see. Initially, Floor Cleaning and more, we’ve got a private interest within the satisfaction of each one among our customers with all our Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ service work.

Things we follow while Cleaning:

  • Team members wear masks: We follow the protocols for our and your personal safety. Masks are mandatory for all our staff and cleaners while they are on duty.
  • Wear gloves: All the staff members are supposed to be wearing gloves before entering your residential areas for safety purposes.
  • EPA registered disinfectant is used on high touch surfaces: While cleaning, our staff ensures to disinfect all the knobs, switches and other things which are touched regularly.
  • Sanitizer is kept in cleaning buckets: We always keep sanitizer in cleaning buckets so that we can clean up the entire house and no harmful organisms prevail while we are done cleaning.
  • Sanitizer for door handles, fridge handles and knobs: These things are particularly touched every now and then. It’s not very safe to keep these things uncleaned and hence disinfecting them becomes mandatory.

How does the Carpet Cleaning Program work?

Area Rug Cleaning:

Many individuals own small accent rugs, usually measuring but 12′ by 12′. Often, these rugs are more neglected than regular household rugs, as our customers don’t always see the necessity to deep clean these rugs. However, we will guarantee you’ll see the difference with our one service. Furthermore, regular cleaning of your accent rug will increase the general longevity of your rug.


Oriental Rug Cleaning:

Oriental rugs are, in many cases, considered heirlooms and passed down through generations. Therefore, taking care of those rugs is vital to several of our customers. Our specific cleaning solutions ensure the integrity of the rug remains intact while also properly treating and cleaning the piece or pieces – therefore allowing you to feel safe knowing your rug will stay in pristine condition for generations to return.


Throw Rug Cleaning:

Like accent rugs, throw rugs are popular – whether or not they are in an office place or under your front room table. These rugs often receive a fair amount of pedestrian traffic – therefore, cleaning them regularly is vital.


Shag Rug Cleaning:

Often, during the development of a home or apartment complex, a rug is laid in areas like the bedroom to supply comfort and noise reduction. These sorts of carpets are known for trapping dirt deep within their fibers, making it essential to have these cleaned regularly.


Pet Stain Removal:

Anyone who has owned a pet within the past knows, sometimes accidents happen. Pet smells can sink into your carpet, and it can desire no number of store-bought products that will be ready to eliminate the odor successfully. However, our deep cleaning solutions are ready to penetrate fibers and eliminate these smells, leaving your carpet smelling fresh and searching rejuvenated.


When Should I Need to Get the Cleaning Service?

We provide an excellent sort of services on a billboard level to help within the longevity of your carpet. Often, carpets in high traffic areas – like waiting rooms or hallways – are subject to quite a lot of pedestrian traffic, which may cause a spread of carpeting concerns, such as:



Stains to carpets can come from a spread of various issues, like water leaks from pipes, spills, tracked in dirt, or rainwater. These stains aren’t only often unsightly but may cause permanent damage to the carpet that needs it to get replaced more frequently, at more significant expense to the business owner.



Very similar to stains, it can come from a spread of various causes. Most frequently, odors are thanks to potential mold – meaning it’s vital to possess your carpet cleaned regularly to make sure no mold sets in. However, these also can come from other sources, like tracked-in dirt or spills.



Regular dirt is usually tracked into many places of business, simply thanks to the high level of pedestrian traffic that a lot of people have experienced. And while standard vacuums could also be ready to devour some dirt, they’re often unable to deep clean the carpet in a way that’s beneficial in the future; having your carpet regularly cleaned vital to your business’s presentation; therefore, the services provided.


Why Choose Lemon Lime Clean?

Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ, Lemon Lime Clean always takes care of your costly carpets. While many feel that a simple vacuuming should do the trick, they are unaware that the dirt and stains often settle into the padding of these rugs, beyond where the vacuum can reach. Our services will ensure that even small rugs are cleaned to the utmost extent. This should provide you with many more years of use and increase the vitality of the carpet. Furthermore, regular cleanings are often able to revitalize the carpet’s colors, allowing it to provide your home with that pop of color you initially purchased it for.