How to Prevent the Coronavirus by Disinfecting Your Home

The normal today is a routine with masks, sanitisers, and social distancing. It came upon us due to the COVID-19 taking the ghastly form of a pandemic. While preventing it is one concern, and arresting its spread is another. It majorly spreads via aerosols in the air, but as quoted by an epidemiologist, Aubree Gordon – “It is also possibly transmitted through indirect transmission, where the virus is present on a surface, people touch the surface and then their mouth, nose or eyes.”

Although its symptoms are more or less similar to that of the common cold and flu, COVID is not our everyday disease, and so you must observe utmost care to keep yourself, your family, and your home protected from the Corona. The most common yet effective weapons against it are listed below:

  1. Frequently wash your hands
  2. Keep from touching your hands anywhere on your face
  3. Surfaces should be disinfected frequently
  4. Disinfect immediately

The virus is known to live on non-living surfaces like cardboard, plastic, cloth, etc., for around 72 hrs. At Lime Lemon Clean – we the Best NJ Cleaning Service help generate the abiotic block by cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and artefacts around you that may potentially be hosting Corona. Spraying surface disinfectants on frequently visited areas in your house like kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc. In addition to periodically disinfecting currently handled artefacts – door handles, bathroom knobs, toilet flush handles – are a few of the vital services that we provide. One must note that each disinfectant has its mode of action and would take some time to exhibit its effectiveness.

Our Cleaning Company NJ Services come in different packages that you may customise based on your needs. You may ask for add on such as deep cleaning, fumigation, pest control, etc. From home to industries, our team ensures your safety and cleanliness to its prime. Our entire team shall visit your house dressed in a full PPE, rest assured. 

Checklist that you need to follow at your home:

  • Disinfect countertops, sink hardware, cabinet pulls, appliance handles and cutting boards.
  • Wash, and preferably replace dishcloths
  • Empty and disinfect wastebaskets/ trash bins
  • Disinfect bathroom faucets and handles
  • Do not reuse bath towels or washcloths.
  • Clean the toilet commode and flush handle
  • Wash kitchen sink strainers, oven, and range knobs.
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink.
  • Disinfect your toothbrush, showers, and handles
  • Wash bedding. Mop floor. Vacuum carpets
  • Do not shake your blankets and bedsheets too rigorously.
  • Disinfect all electronic devices around you, starting from your laptop to your phones

Overwhelming? Do not get worked up. Just give us a call or drop in your inquiries in our mailbox, and we shall arrange for our skilled team to disinfect/clean your home at the earliest. We use only premium products and commercial-grade vacuum cleaners that are fitted with HEPA filters. We are in this TOGETHER!

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