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No. It is a common concern among clients as they run on hectic schedules and may not dedicate time for a trivial activity as house cleaning. Your presence is not a mandate. We shall abide by all instructions provided by you during the booking of our services.

Often clients have trusted us with access to their property and have not complained to date whatsoever. The service shall be provided with the same quality as promised without harming your property/ valuables.

We indulge in providing all possible housekeeping services :

  • Cloth laundry, ironing, and folding
  • Clearing/removing cluttered objects and organizing them
  • Dishwashing
  • Cleaning (almost everything, ranging from toys to fireplaces)
  • Dusting/ Vacuuming (artifacts, surfaces, curtains, drapes, etc.)

We provide a deep cleaning option on request esp. for kitchen areas. We request you to mention the same while booking our services as we are well-planned for it in advance. Kindly note that we do not clean any wires or pipes owing to safety concerns.

You may do so free of charge before 48 hrs of your scheduled appointment. As we completely understand that emergencies and unexpected situations may arise at any time and so we do allow rescheduling the same without incurring any charges on your part. However, suppose you request a reschedule within 48hrs of your appointment. In that case, we shall penalize you with a cancellation fee as, by then, we would have already invested in preparations for your services. We, thereby, request you to be cooperative.

While we stand by our policy of ‘you rest while we work,’ we humbly request you to ensure the following points before we arrive so that we can serve you more efficiently:

  • Sequester your pets, if any, in a safe place
  • Pick toys/clothing
  • Keep your valuables away
  • Settle your family members esp. the kids, if any

No. Our team works during the standard working hours – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It is, therefore, very likely to coincide with your office time. Don’t get worked up! We assure you that we shall duly offer our services without harming your property in your absence.

We get it repaired, or replaced, or compensated. We treat your valuables as one of our own and hence, observe extreme care with handling each and everything at your property as we work. However, accidents are inevitable. In case of damage/breakage of any item at our hands, we guarantee you either repairment, replacement, or the best possible compensation at our cost. All our housekeepers are wholly insured, and so appropriate claims may be filed when a situation arises.

We rectify our mistakes at the earliest. We promise to deliver all services that you demand during your booking. To fulfill the same, we visit your property a day before inspecting and sketching a plan for cleaning that would accommodate all your special requests. However, we all know that perfect is a myth, and so we might commit minor mistakes. We will happily re-visit to rectify our mistakes without levying any additional charges on you. All that is asked from you is a feedback call from your end within 24hrs of the most recent service you received from us.

No. We proudly use our equipment and products to provide the required services. As our sole aim is to give you the best of all cleaning experiences, we do not compromise with the quality of the washes and vacuums used.

Yes. We are particular about providing consistent services and prefer to send the same team to a given site. The team is well aware of the property, and two, the client is comfortable with them. Hence, we chose not to disturb this balance. Nevertheless, in case of unavoidable circumstances when any one of the crew is expected to be absent during one of your repeat services, we shall ensure that the team gets the most appropriate replacement. Rest assured, each housekeeper hired by us undergoes rigorous training to set the seal on quality.

We are commended for the quality of service we provide. Our rates are affordable plus flexible and worth the services provided. Unlike most of the other cleaning companies, we provide complete cover for worker insurance and compensation. We ascertain a satisfactory experience for each of our clients while offering competitive rates for our services.

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We are commended for the quality of service we provide.
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